PicoSure Training Ensures Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Results

Have you ever wondered who manufactures the World’s finest, most advanced picosecond tattoo removal laser?  Answer:  Cynosure, a Hologic company.  I spent the entire week at Cynosure’s corporate headquarters in Westford, MA learning from other industry professionals and sharing best practices and I’m more convinced than ever that if you have unwanted ink the PicoSure laser workstation is the laser for your treatment.  Numerous peer-reviewed papers have shown PicoSure’s superiority over POS antiquated Q-switched lasers.

Cynosure is dedicated to the tattoo removal patient as well as their practitioners and has spent a fortune developing and creating the finest state-of-the-art tattoo removal workstations.  Regardless of ink color, location or age of your tattoo, the PicoSure can effectively treat it.  Please take a second to look at my before and after images and I’m sure you’ll agree the results are nothing short of amazing.  If you have an unwanted tattoo I can be reached in Austin, TX @ my new location Austin Medspa 512-479-9997.



2 thoughts on “PicoSure Training Ensures Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Results

    1. Hi Maria,
      Yes I train in Toronto. I was there last week. If you’re in need of additional PicoSure training you can call Cynosure and request my services. There’s a nominal fee associated with training. Please let me know if you need assistance. Thanks, Brendan

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